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Television Production

With our fully equipped studio, we produce, film, and package a wide range of content for television and other platforms. We also produce Commercials, Documentaries locally produced shows, and Movies.

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Our Photography studio is well equipped and geared for any photography needs.

We provide on-site photography wherever needed.

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International Fixing

We facilitate various international production outlets from all over the world.

This includes providing services such as research and recce, acquiring film and press permits, customs clearance, airport transfer, Unit service, and more.

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Masterclass Facilitation

We are well-positioned and connected to various local and international film industry professionals who are eager to share tips and skills on how to develop in the various areas of film. These masterclasses are facilitated in collaboration with various partners in the industry who are invested in seeing the growth and development of talent in the country and beyond.

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We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We use original ideas to create the best outcomes for our clients.


Developing unique and insightful ideas.


Setting a standard for high production value ideas.


Driven by our inner drive to create value for our customers.


Working together to see the vision come to life.

Why People Choose Us

Our Core Values set us apart!

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Our Team


Lawrence Thompson


Lawrence Thompson


Lawrence Thompson

About Centripetal Media

Centripetal Media is a multimedia company mainly specialized in film and video production services, with recent interest in the fields of interior design and Hospitality.

Centripetal media has unique product and services and provides excellent multimedia services that meet communication needs for various organizations.


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